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The app-based economy and how can you make the most of it

We are living in an interconnected world. Mobile apps have changed the way we interact with each other, the way businesses operate and the way the world functions at a large scale. People are spending more and more time on mobile applications, companies are looking for ways to optimize and further improve user experience on mobile devices- this is perhaps the best time to invest. And it’s not just about developing mobile apps; it’s mostly about building a vast network, a solid infrastructure for people and companies willing to invest on innovative ideas. If you haven’t already developed an easy-to-use, simple and optimized mobile application for your business, you might consider building one.

As strange as it may sound, in 2007 there was not a single mobile app. This might come as a surprise to the younger generation, who are used to playing with their smartphones all day long. At that time, software companies had to deliver their product through CD-ROMs. It all changed when the Apple App Store was launched in July 2008.  At first, the App Store had only 500 apps, which was quite a feat at the time. The mobile app market has seen an unprecedented growth ever since: in 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads reached nearly 2.5 billion, following data released from According to the same source, it is expected that the number of mobile app downloads will reach a whopping 268.69 billion by 2017. Moreover, the app market will be worth almost $77 billion in 2017, as per The trend is clear: mobile applications will change the world as we know it.
This is perhaps the best time to be a developer, but not only: anyone can reap dividends of the ever-growing app market. Admittedly, with thousands and millions of apps in the market, it can be difficult for indie developers to make a decent income, but there’s no reason to despair over it: if you produce high quality work, the market will reward you. Here’s the rub, though: with so many programmers in the mobile development industry, how can you gain a competitive advantage? How do you stand out from the crowd?

For starters, you can learn to better market your skills. Personal branding is crucial. You have to remember, however, that no man is an island. Socializing with other like-minded people, exchanging ideas and building a strong network is the way to go. And remember, if you do produce work at an elite level, companies will notice, people will appreciate your effort. Companies come and go, trends change all the time, but one thing is certain: the market is in dire need of top talent. Some of the world’s best developers are hiring agents to command the highest possible pay in the market. Star programmers are in high demand. The same goes for every other profession. It’s supply and demand.

The app-based economy is getting bigger every day. Want a ride?  Call an Uber driver. Want to book a cheap place to stay for a couple of days? Use Airbnb. In fact, there seems to be an app for virtually everything these days. And there’s a reason for that: according to experts at Ericsson , the number of smartphone users could reach a whopping 6.1 billion in 2020. Numbers don’t lie. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to see into the future- mobile applications will only get better and better. It’s a gold mine for companies and individuals alike. If you ever come up with a brilliant idea, first make sure to have a clear mobile strategy.

The sharing economy, best epitomized by companies like Uber, Airbnb, will grow even more in the future. Mobile apps are the epicenter of the sharing economy, the breathing machine that will drive innovation. The app-based economy is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to make a huge impact on our world. It doesn’t matter the business you’re in- if you produce high quality work, if your company delivers a great customer experience and if you build a strong network, you’re on the right track. The future is mobile, that’s for sure.

How can you make the most of the app-based economy? Well, if you’re a developer make sure to produce top quality work, hone your personal marketing skills and make a great effort to connect with leading figures in your field. If you own a business, make sure to have a mobile-first approach. A marketing strategy that doesn’t include mobile is like going to war with daggers, swords and spears- it just won’t do. Mobile apps can reach any user, provided one has internet connection. They promise and they over-deliver.

Sure, some skeptics may say that it’s just a fad. Here’s the good thing, though: no own owns the truth. Having said that, you need to keep an open mind. But remember, if you want to do something worthwhile, sometimes you have to trust your gut. Naysayers are at best ignored. The app economy is here to stay. Embrace it. The best is yet to come.