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Software automation impact on companies dealing with too many data

Are we all Luddites at heart? Well, maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? And even if we really are Luddites, who can blame us? After all, human nature has a deep-seated change aversion. All inventions, technologies or breakthroughs are met with suspicion at first and software automation is no exception. However,…
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Big Data Challenges for SaaS applications

The amount of data produced within SaaS applications emerges all the analytics, relationships and BI to become highly available on the customer user interface, this brings up the option of using “Big Data” mechanisms to process really large amount of data. With the usage of these Big Data processing…
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Hadoop – An Open Source Project to Deal with Big Data

A businessman will always think twice and cringe before pressing the delete button. This is because he always knows there is a possibility that the data will be needed in the future but it will have already been lost. However, when data are simply piled up over time, it becomes harder to manage and exceeds…
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