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How mobile commerce can drive your business to success

Just a couple of years ago, programmers and designers would preach “mobile-friendly” again and again, ad infinitum. The thing is, mobile-friendly simply isn’t enough. With the number of mobile users growing at exponential rates, companies are realizing that the landscape of business is undergoing a…
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Your mobile phone a huge source of information right in your pocket

Browsing the internet, replying to emails, watching videos, reading books, making transactions, making pictures, videos, watching weather forecast is no longer dependent on our locations anymore and we don’t need different devices to perform each of these tasks. Today’s mobile market has expanded so…
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Mobile apps market continues growing in 2013

The ever-changing and critical mobile apps market will this year become critical to value, customer retention and differentiation for every industry According to the last reports published by Forrester Research and Strategy Analytics the market will continue growing expanding 85% in 2013, so we can affirm…
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