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Ambient User Experience as the Holy Grail of design

If you have ever watched the Iron Man movie series, you are already familiar with J.A.R.V.I.S (acronym for Just a Rather Very Intelligent System). If you don’t have a panache for movies, don’t worry.  JARVIS is an advanced artificial intelligence personal assistant, able to perform incredible feats…
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The power of simplicity in UI/UX

“Keep it simple”. It has become a mantra. Everyone should preach simplicity in the same way the Catholic Church preaches through the Bible, the Islam via the Quran or the Judaism through the Kabbalah. Call it a dictum, or even a postulate, but simplicity is at the heart of some of the greatest…
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User interface vs User experience design

Back in the good old days, when people talked about design, chances were high that they were probably referring to “graphic design.” Gone are the days when all you had to do was craft a fancy and splendid graphical user interface (GUI) and hope users would fall in love with it. In the ever-fluctuating…
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