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Hadoop – An Open Source Project to Deal with Big Data

A businessman will always think twice and cringe before pressing the delete button. This is because he always knows there is a possibility that the data will be needed in the future but it will have already been lost. However, when data are simply piled up over time, it becomes harder to manage and exceeds the natural capacity of the typical database systems and that is why it is called ‘Big Data’. In many cases it is simply too costly to process. However, Apache’s Hadoop is that open source project which helps people to process data over a distributed environment with relative ease.

The distributed file system makes it easier to do the bulk data transfer between multiple nodes and another advantage of this is that the system allows data to be manipulated even if one node fails. Distributing the data using Hadoop allows the users to cut down the workload of each single computer. Hadoop is based on MapReduce and the Hadoop Distributed File System two frameworks which help computers process big data, which usually amounts to petabytes. Some companies which handle this kind of information are the email service providers and social sites including Facebook.

Anyone can free-download Hadoop and use it any time and it also gets rave reviews about it being user-friendly. Companies usually hire Hadoop developers to keep on changing its source code and tailoring the code to fit their preferences. The end result is that there is a way to process the data very fast without being too worried about the amount of data. Community forums give people adequate representation whenever they have hard questions to ask. Hadoop developers help those who are newbie and just trying hard to understand how the vital operations of the software are. Sometimes all that a business needs is a break from worrying too much about storage but instead, having a qualified analytics team to delve through the data and get some predictive metrics that can give them an upper age over the competition.

Other reliable open source tools for big data are MongoDB, NoSQL and Terrastore . More interesting is the idea that it is possible to combine both NoSQL and Hadoop on one database.