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Mobile apps market continues growing in 2013

The ever-changing and critical mobile apps market will this year become critical to value, customer retention and differentiation for every industry

According to the last reports published by Forrester Research and Strategy Analytics the market will continue growing expanding 85% in 2013, so we can affirm that the tendency is more than good and the apps will continue to surprise, entertain and make our life easier.

The impact that apps have on purchases, such as choosing one brand over another, affects to the whole commerce sector driving trillions in value for business. That’s why more and more companies are starting to develop their own customized apps, to get caught unprepared could cost them too much!

While the market matures, the companies have to decide the role they want to confer to apps and to develop or not to develop their own app ecosystem. The dynamic and challenging market is open to all the companies and new ideas, full of opportunities and challenges for the service providers.

In the world of applications we can make a distinction between the consumer (with high adoption rates and immediately success) and the mobile enterprise apps.

The second, slower adopted but expected to experience huge growth in 2013. One of the main advantages of enterprise apps is that most of them allow moving and sharing the workforce. On the other hand, they require higher standards for security, quality of service.

The predictions in the sector say that the four main categories of products applied to the mobile apps market will be:

  • App with small sensors able to emit alerts to customers through their smartphones
  • Different and target product offers
  • Enhance already existing products
  • Branding engagement

    This year we will witness how companies are using and developing in new ways to drive revenue, engagement, and adoption of services and products outside of the app space.