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In a world where technology evolves with a Moore’s, breakneck pace, you need to implement the latest technologies if you want to be at the top of the game. In the current business scenario, the companies must keep reinventing themselves according to the changing business needs. Business continuity is the aim of many startups or even large companies. It doesn’t matter whether they are targeting new markets or just sticking to their existing ones- they are equally dynamic and evolving. Hence, it is crucial for them to update their business systems to more recent technology platforms so that they do not become obsolete. With that being said, a business needs to either build a brand-new system based on new requirements or redesign the existing one. The second route is also known as reengineering. It is the systematic transformation of an existing system into a new form to perform quality improvements in operation, system capability and functionality.Granted, software re-engineering is of little value if the software system is being improved in a way that doesn’t take into account the nature of the business and all the intricacies of modern technology

Here are the major two benefits of software re-engineering


Lower cost compared to a new build

Building a new software system from scratch could be expensive, but you don’t need to do that if you already have an established, up and running system. Why reinventing the wheel when you can improve and update your software systems, saving money and time in the process? In addition to building software from scratch, RT Software Group provides you with the latest technology and expertise to meet you every demand. Our team first evaluates the situation and then takes the steps toward providing the solutions that best suit your business or organization


Business continuity

If you want to maintain your competitive edge, you need to embrace the latest developments in software development, if you haven’t already done so. Introduction of a new software system is like learning a well-known process again and again: it’s cumbersome and time-consuming. With software re engineering you don’t have to spend much a lot of time learning how the system works since you already have a good grasp of it. While we deal with all the bolts and nuts of the re-engineering process, you keep running your business as usual.

Here are the types of re-engineering that we offers you


Architecture (Technologies/ Design/ Code base review)

Our team of developers lives and breathes technology, design and coding. We have all the know-how, experience and tools to come up with solutions to your every need. Using cutting-edge technology, we make sure that everything, from the design to the final product, runs as smooth as possible.


Re-factoring (Security/ Performance/ Error Handling)

We know how important is for a business to perform at its highest peak, and we also aware of the security issues that rise from the complex nature of software systems. With that being said, we have all the tools and expertise to keep your software platforms safe and secure, allowing you to operate at full capacity. RT Software Group is very keen on software reverse engineering. Whether you need to retrieve the source code of a program because the source was lost, improve the performance of a certain program, fix a bug (error handling) or identify a malicious virus that might compromise your entire application, we are happy to provide you with solutions to every challenge that you might encounter.


Migration & Deployment

Going mobile and embracing the cloud is the holy grail of every business or organization. Our team has already helped startups and large businesses apply successfully the latest developments in mobile apps and cloud computing. We help you throughout the whole process, from the conceptualization of the idea to the full, seamless integration of the product with modern technology.


Cloud deployment

After making a thorough analysis of your needs and demands, we make sure that the process of cloud deployment runs as smooth as possible, with no hiccups along the way. Once in the cloud, you are sure to gain an edge over the competitors.