The key of our success is definitely the research we do on the latest techniques in Software Engineering  and the emerging technology which is being developed really fast.

Our focus is to bring latest technology and methodologies and apply to all our businesses and clients, as the ultimate goal to increase performance and development speed, also to provide useful and powerful features to our products.

Our major subject of research is the “Big Data” and Artificial Intelligence used in Business Intelligence and the extraction of crucial data from multiple channels and Databases, organizing the information on a “Big” database and applying complex algorithms, the extracted information is very useful and predictive on what’s the next steps the companies should do.

Also another field of research is the parallel processing known as grid computing or cloud computing – We are open to any possible collaboration with laboratories or organization in the programming and research specific software related

Our subjects of interests as below:

  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biological Engineering
  • Quantum Physics

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