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Solving Build or Buy Dilemmas Using Open Source Applications

Many businesses struggle to answer the build or buy dilemma when it comes to key decisions about their office technology but in reality, a good solution that is neither a build nor a buy solution exists in the form of Open Source Business Apps. These can come in handy when the IT department needs software that is versatile enough to run their operations but is still free and customizable. They address the build aspect comprehensively in that someone does not need to start building software from scratch and experimenting with countless lines of coding. At the same time, it saves the company a lot of money because it is free and open-source.

Open Source Applications to make your business debut online

Interesting enough is the fact that Open Source Business Apps always have forums and a ‘community’ that will keep on bombarding you with new ideas and updates that will improve the user experience. Good examples of open source business applications are the Drupal 6 and 7 cores working in combination with ‘UberCart’ which uses open source content management systems to allow businesses to put up full-blown landing pages that have shopping cart capability. Therefore, a brick and mortar store can move part of its business online and take advantage of the online traffic composed of interested buyers who just need a little more convincing that the product they see will address a problem they have.

The many applications released gives people more choices

In the late 90s and early 2000s, nobody would have thought that there would be such a tremendous increase in the number of open source apps. There was a time when all that someone could think of in terms of open source applications and infrastructure were Linux and Apache Web Servers. Today there are countless of these open source developer tools which have built foundations to launch online campaigns, share documents, track expenses and calculate mileage. For example, a taxi company or courier can take advantage of a free and customizable app from outsystems which will allow them to calculate the mileage to a certain place using google maps. Someone can therefore calculate in advance, the expenses that will be incurred and in the end, decision making is faster and clear judgment bound to be the norm since people are relying on more accurate information.

The list of applications that can boost the smooth running of a business is almost endless. There is always a good chance that someone can think of a pressing issue in the business, identify its category and browse for a custom App that can help the business address that problem.