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One of the tenets of successful marketing is understanding and appealing to your customer. Knowing exactly what they want and how to provide it can be the difference between staying ahead of the game and lagging behind. With that being said, web analytics tools can be extremely powerful and useful when it comes to increasing the understanding of client’s needs. Web analytics are the collections of online data used to understand and optimize web presence. They can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, allowing you to make changes to your web presence to improve their experience and increase leads, sales, or even conversions. Hence, the question for any business to address is not if you need Web analytics- but rather how can you afford not to have this as part of your core business strategy. You may have spent thousands of dollars on building a flashy website, with all the bells and whistles. Yet, somehow your website doesn’t seem to be benefiting your business the way you thought it would.

Perhaps you built your website mainly as an extension to your business, and you are encountering difficulties identifying the needs of your clients, their behavior.That’s where Web Analytics comes in handy. Our team has already helped startups and large businesses navigate through the vast amount of data generated by their daily operations, giving them a clear picture of the needs and behavior of customers, trends and what strategies to implement. Web analytics can uncover hidden patterns, which are in turn analyzed and turned into valuable insights for your business. It is no wonder that many businesses and organizations are looking out for the best Web analytics package they can afford. There’s a caveat though: the sheer amount of data collected form your daily operations might overwhelm you. You might drown in your own ocean of data. It’s like standing under a waterfall. You get swamped by the flood, soaked to the skin, but you forget how valuable that information can be.

Here is how our teams helps you sift through the intricacies of Web analytics

We help you identify your web strategies. There are always objectives and outcomes to achieve. Whether it is sales, encouraging visitors to sign up to your newsletter or provide new referrals, we have all the know-how, experience and tools to help you thrive under the ever competitive market.


Measure KPIs

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are vital to the success of a business or organization. Our company is keen on helping you understand KPIs thoroughly, giving you a crystal-clear picture of how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.


Create your desired flow

After gaining a deep understanding of the KPI, we help you create a desired flow through your website. Our team first evaluates a plan then tests in action, using Web analytics to measure results to see if what’s happening is what you want to happen.


Optimize your website

Armed with the data yielded by Web analytics, we help you optimize your website, allowing you to tinker and further grow your business.

Web analytics data and statistics can help your business in 3 significant ways


You get to know your audience

With Web analytics and the stats provided by our platforms, you get to know crucial information about your visitors, for instance: how many people visited your website, where they came from, what keywords they used to find you, which specific pages do they visit or how much time are they spending on your website.


You will have full comprehension of how your website is performing

Our team helps you identify which pages are not getting any visitors, if your there is a broken link which needs fixing, what is your top entry page, etc.


You will have a clear picture of the situation

With the data and statistics provided through our platforms, you will get to know many details, for example: how many visitors are serious prospects, who refers you the best traffic, what is your site’s conversion rate etc.