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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, shortly knows as IoT, aims to uniquely identify real things coming from the real world and includes them into the wide structure of internet. The words “Internet of Things” were used to describe the future of the technology where the real world objects connect to the internet through ubiquitous sensors. Objects can sense and communicate with the environment. This was the idea of Kevin Ashton in 1999, which used these words for the first time. This idea is somehow difficult to grasp but who could imagine some years back from now that we could have giant libraries that resides on the network that nobody could burn like what was done to the Library of Alexandria.

Social media and IoT

We already see how the social media and objects are interacting with each other nowadays. We check in somewhere from our mobile phone and make a post on Facebook, we allow our physical location to become public to our friends. The concept of IoT includes the “connection of objects” where the objects communicate with each other, the “Intelligent objects” prospective that uses real world objects to conserve energy and the miniaturisation of circuits included inside devices for localization and tracking, logging data, and connection into the network.

Remote control of the objects

The idea of powering on the microwave 10 minutes before we go home, power on the dishwasher or power of a forgotten device through our mobile is quite enthusiastic, who wouldn’t want this!

The approach of IoT it to make devices communicate and interact with each other and the environment rather than with humans. Every device will have a unique IPv6 address and will be connected to the global network. However, nowadays the business cases do not fully support independent communication of any device that will have a unique identifier.

Issues rising up with IoT

IERC or European Research Cluster on Internet of Things is sponsored by the European Commission. The European Commission has also lunched a public consultation regarding some issues rising up with the introduction of Internet of Things like privacy concerns, safety, security, managing. The results of this consultation will be summarized this summer in the Commission’s Recommendation on Internet of Things.

Anyway, this technology will have global benefits and a large scale impact through the people