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Your mobile phone a huge source of information right in your pocket

Browsing the internet, replying to emails, watching videos, reading books, making transactions, making pictures, videos, watching weather forecast is no longer dependent on our locations anymore and we don’t need different devices to perform each of these tasks. Today’s mobile market has expanded so much and is offering the most sophisticated mobile phones, it seems centuries ago the time when mobile phones were only used for phone calls.

How did mobile technology improve our lives?

All these new features offered from all the recent mobile phones lunched, make people more organized and oriented, if you need an agenda to sign an appointment than just download an agenda application from play store or app store depending on the type of your mobile phone. If you need to go somewhere but don’t know which road to take then just use a navigation program from your mobile, set a destination and it will take you there.

Is very fascinating when thinking, everything revolves around a single device, our mobile.

Mobile phones are improving and evolving rapidly based on the market dynamics which suites the user’s needs.  Every day we hear about new series of mobiles with bigger internal mass storage, RAM memory, with high quality cameras and full high definition video recording ability.

Access information on the move

If we are at office we access all the stuff we need from our computer. The moment when we mostly need our mobile is when we are moving from our office or home, on weekends and so on. This is where the roles of mobile phone switch from using only one role like phone calls to a multitasking device. The most useful applications that are a must have when we are on the move include word processing, email client,  calendar, memo, mobile banking, skype, maps and many others depending on our personal needs.

Beyond the benefits

We are all aware that having a mobile phone nowadays means having information on demand and not depending on our location. So the benefits overcome some negative effects that a mobile may have but still there are some issues associated with it.

Having a mobile device may pose some problems. It is highly risky to use a mobile while driving your car. Students may use a mobile phone during their exams to find answers on the internet. If you lose your mobile, you should change your credentials in every account and you may lose a lot of precious information from it.